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Home Staging Courses

Dreaming of Starting Your Own Home Staging Business?

Staging Diva Home Staging Courses

Established in 2004, Staging Diva® is one of the most respected names in home staging training, with over 4000 students worldwide.

Whether you are already established, or just thinking of starting a home staging, or house fluffing business, you’ll find training courses and a growing list of other tools to help you here.

There is even one-on-one advice by phone directly with the Staging Diva herself, Debra Gould, for when you get stuck on a project or don’t know what to do next with your business.

What Makes Staging Diva Courses Unique

Home Staging Expert Debra Gould

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva has spent over 25 years in marketing. This expertise, combined with what she knows about running her staging company Six Elements, makes her courses uniquely practical.

This specialized program created by home staging expert Debra Gould, is the only program in the world taught by someone with an MBA in Marketing who has personally grown a successful home staging business.

Unlike any other program, the focus is on how to start and grow your money-making home staging business. The assumption is that you have some natural decorating talent but you don’t know how to make that into a real business and all that this involves.

Debra Gould has supported herself and her family as an entrepreneur since 1989.

The Staging Diva program is not filled with untested theories. It is real-world stuff that will show you exactly what you need to do to start and grow your own home staging business.

From personal experience, Debra Gould knows what it’s like to be terrified and move forward anyway. She candidly shares her secrets for success so you can get started with greater confidence.

Learn How to Build Your Business From Home With Little Money

Unlike other programs that will have you spending money on newspaper ads and door-to-door flyers, in the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program, you’ll learn low- and no-cost ways to build your business way more effectively.

Debra Gould on HGTVIt’s no accident that within two years of launching Six Elements, Debra Gould was already featured in the Wall Street Journal, HGTV, MoneySense and CNNMoney! You will learn how to become the home staging expert in your area and how to attract free media attention. These will do much more for your business than buying ads.

rave review for Staging Diva

"This training program was the wisest investment I ever made. This is practical, no-nonsense information on what you need to start your own business. You will leave the Staging Diva Program with a written road map to guide your success." Jody Thulin, Sharp Dressed Homes

You’ll also learn how to run your home staging business without having to invest in any inventory. There are tons of home stagers who have failed because they couldn’t cover their overhead. When you follow what the Staging Diva Program advises, you’ll avoid this trap.

Juggling Staging with Kids or a Full-Time Job

It takes some effort to build a new business while being there for your family. That’s one reason single parent Debra Gould went into home staging in the first place. It offers the flexibility to be there before and after school everyday because you can book your client appointments around your other needs!

The Staging Diva courses will teach you how to start your staging business on the side if you want to, whether it’s because your kids are little or you have another full time job you aren’t ready to leave.

There is total flexibility in the Staging Diva’s approach to starting and growing a home staging business, so you don’t feel like you are taking a scary leap into the deep end without knowing how to swim! Debra Gould will guide you step-by-step through how to create a business that doesn’t waste your time and lets you grow into it.

Quick Facts About Staging Diva Home Staging Courses

  • No travel or hotel = less time, more convenience and lower cost.
  • Learn from the comfort of home, participate from anywhere in the world.
  • Five courses in total, each one is about two hours long.
  • Get professionally edited audio recordings of Debra Gould’s courses.
  • Detailed Staging Diva course notes and checklists accompany the recordings.
  • You learn directly from an expert, training is not delegated to others.
  • Learn at your own pace and re-listen to the material as much as you like.
  • Learn from The Staging Diva, Debra Gould’s client experiences and her journey to become an internationally recognized staging expert and leader in the field.
  • Learn from Debra Gould’s answers to student questions.
  • Homework assignments for each course will have you moving forward in your business, they do not need to be submitted for marking.
  • Choose from a Home Study Kit that is mailed to you OR the less expensive downloadable program that you get as soon as you order.
  • Staging Diva Certificate mailed to you upon completion of the 5 courses.
  • Additional materials available for purchase as needed.

Staging Diva Program Description

home staging courses

There are 2 formats to choose from when you order the Training Program. A Home Study Kit (shown here) which is sent to you by mail for US$1295 or the downloadable program sent to you by email for only US$995.

The core program includes a series of 10 one-hour course recordings (each of 5 courses is two hours) led by Debra Gould along with detailed Course Study Notes and Checklists. You’ll receive professionally edited recordings of Debra’s favorite live classes from the hundreds she’s taught to small groups of students.

Debra brings the course study notes and recordings to life by candidly sharing her firsthand experiences growing her own Home Staging Business and dealing with hundreds of homeowners and real estate agents.

You’ll hear what other participants asked during the classes and Debra’s answers to their questions. And you’ll also have the added benefit of listening to the material as often as you like! There is a ton of information crammed into the 10 hours of course recordings, so being able to listen to the material again later is a real bonus.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction GuaranteeWe want you to be satisfied with the Staging Diva products you order. If you don’t feel that the course material is as described here, we’ll give you a full refund.

Refunds must be requested in writing within 48 hours of receiving downloadable materials or 45 days from when you order the Home Study Kit. After that time, no refunds will be issued. All refund requests must be submitted in writing.
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Order with Confidence

Your online order is completely secure. You can choose Visa, MasterCard or go through PayPal.

Here’s what you get in the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program

Course 1 – Cash in Decorating Homes to Sell

Home Staging Course 1

  • What is Home Staging?
  • Top 5 reasons Home Staging works
  • 7 reasons this is a growth business and what that means for you
  • 4 key factors affecting how you work with a client
  • Services you can offer in your Staging business
  • Key factors to consider when starting a Staging business
  • Overcoming the hurdles of starting your own business
  • Top 5 Survival Strategies for being your own

Course 2 – The Business of Home Staging: What You Need to Start and How to Grow

Home Staging Course 2

  • Ideal traits/background for being a Home Stager
  • What you need to get started and to grow
  • Why you should register a business
  • Why there’s no such thing as staging “accreditation”
  • 4 top ways to build trust and credibility as a Stager
  • How to charge for your services (learn what others charge and what’s wrong with their approach)
  • Pros and cons of owning a Home Staging inventory
  • How to get designer discounts
  • Top 10 low-budget ways to grow your business

Course 3 – Taking the Mystery Out of Home Staging Consultations

Home Staging Course 3

  • How to turn a potential buyer into a paying client
  • Avoiding the “free estimate trap”
  • What to wear and bring to a client consultation
  • How to start your client meeting
  • What to look for and how to communicate that effectively without offending your clients
  • Who moves what and when, and other mysteries
  • House showing survival tips to build your client relationship
  • Don’t chase your money: Get paid on the spot
  • Invoice templates
  • How to pave the way for future sales
  • Final visit: Essential ingredients for your Staging “toolkit”

Course 4 – Staging Diva Sales & Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Staging Business

Home Staging Course 4

  • Defining what success means to you and how that relates to the marketing strategies you choose
  • Overcoming the top 5 reasons someone won’t hire a Home Stager
  • Key questions you must answer before they will buy
  • How to reach your 4 key target audiences and what you should know about each one
  • Building your web presence and learning about search engines
  • Pricing strategies to work less and earn more

Course 5 – Over 30 More Ways to Make Money in Home Staging

Home Staging Course 5

  • What is an alliance?
  • How alliances make money for you
  • Alliances vs. Partnerships
  • 6 key reasons to form an alliance
  • 4 key ingredients to look for
  • How to find alliances
  • How to negotiate a win/win situation
  • Staging Diva Alliance Assessment Scorecard to evaluate candidates
  • Wrap-up questions from the Training Program
  • Invitations to Graduate-only ongoing support services

Home Staging Checklist with Room by Room Planning Forms

Home Staging Consultation ChecklistThis is two products in one! The Home Staging Consultation Checklist includes:

  • considerations before your staging appointment
  • what items to bring to your client appointment
  • important considerations as you start the meeting
  • the process to follow during your meeting
  • what to consider both inside and outside the home
  • how to conclude a staging appointment and get paid

The Room-by-Room Client Planning Forms are ready for you to customize with your own logo and contact information on the front page, then you photocopy the rest and you have a professional and thorough room by room plan to fill in as you do your consultation and leave with your clients at the end of your meeting.

You get this product as a FREE bonus with both the Home Study Kit and Downloadable Program options described below.

Home Staging Business Quick Start Checklist

Staging Business quick start checklist

Starting a new business is scary. There are so many things to consider and so many steps to take. Sometimes just trying to figure out what to do first can be overwhelming. This quick start guide to the first 20 steps you need to start your home staging, house staging, real estate staging business will keep you focused and organized.

You get this as a FREE bonus with both the Home Study Kit and Downloadable Program options described below.

Training Program Workbook

home staging business workbook

The Staging Diva Training Program Workbook is filled with a 100 pages of activities to help you stay organized and moving forward in a step-by-step fashion. The exercises and tasks are based on the five courses in the Staging Diva Training Program. That’s where you’ll find all the background explanation and thinking behind the activities in this workbook.

Nothing in the workbook is “make work.” It’s all geared towards helping you plan your business and focus on your priorities with fill-in-the-blanks worksheets, exercises, checklists and more.

You get this as a FREE bonus with only the Home Study Kit option described below. Or it can be purchased in download form for only USD $95.

Home Study Kit Option – USD $1295

home stager

"I completely enjoyed the Staging Diva Program! It has given me everything I need to organize and start my new business. Every day seems to come to an end too quickly. I am truly having the time of my life! This is too much fun to be called ‘work’!" Jayne Steuart, Pearl Home Staging and Redesign LLC

The Home Study Kit is mailed to your home with all the course materials in an attractive binder and CD media case. With the Home Study Kit, you will receive an actual set of tangible materials; there will be nothing to download.

When you order your Staging Diva Home Study Kit, you receive in the mail:

10 Audio CDs

• Each of the 5 Staging Diva courses has 2 audio CDs for a total of 10, packaged in their own convenient carrying case.

Training Program Binder containing:

• 5 sets of detailed Course Study Notes
• Comprehensive Training Program Workbook
• Home Staging Business Quick-Start Checklist
• Home Staging Consultation Checklist with Room-by-Room Client Planning Forms

Limited time free bonus! And for a limited time, we’ll throw in an extra bonus audio CD of a Question and Answer Session that Debra Gould hosted with Staging Diva Graduates (only available with Home Study Kit).

Yes, sign me up! Yes! I’m ready to start a successful home staging business. Please mail me the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program for USD $1295.

Order the Download Program Now

Download Program Option – USD $995

With the less-expensive downloadable program, you can get started right away since you don’t have to wait for your package of materials to come in the mail!

Staging Diva Graduate

"I took the Staging Diva Program and loved it! Business officially launches Sunday, youngest starts kindergarten Monday, kids will both be in school, time for MOM to make some MONEY!" Melanie Bailey, Melanie Bailey Interiors

When you order the Downloadable Program, you receive by email:

10 Course Audio Recordings that you download onto your computer

You can also copy your recordings to an iPod or onto your own CDs. The download links for each course are sent to you in an email. These are exactly the same recordings you get with the Home Study Kit. The only difference is you are downloading and saving these recordings onto your computer rather than receiving audio CDs in the mail.

Downloadable course materials, you receive by email

These are the same course notes and checklists that you receive with the home study kit, except instead of getting them by mail in a binder, you will download and save the documents to your computer and print them (or have a quick print store, Staples or FedEx Kinko’s print them for you):

• 5 sets of detailed Course Study Notes
• Home Staging Business Quick-Start Checklist
• Home Staging Consultation Checklist with Room-by-Room Client Planning Forms

Note: The Training Program workbook (included in the Home Study Kit) is not including in this package, but it is available for download separately for US$95.

Yes, sign me up!Yes! I’m ready to start a successful staging business. Please immediately email me the downloadable Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program for only USD $995.

Order the Download Program Now

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