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Home Staging Reviews

  • “Debra, I feel like we\'ve won the lottery! Thanks to your Home Staging advice, we sold in a day for $100,000 more than we expected. I know we never would have come close to that without your great ideas!”
    -- Zora Chacinski, home seller

  • “Using your Home Staging ideas, we got 5 offers by the end of the first week of showings and sold for $71,000 over our list price. Thanks for giving us the push to do the major things. It really paid off!”
    -- Kathy Brent, Etobicoke

  • “Wow, after 6 weeks on the market and no offers we sold the week after you spent the day rearranging our house. We had 3 offers and sold at 98% of our $949,900 asking price. I can\'t wait for you to help choose colors and decorate the new house.”
    -- John Wingrove, The Kingsway

  • “I have had a number of compliments regarding the house and how well it shows... a compliment to you for showing it in its' best light. Thank you for working so quickly and efficiently. You are definitely a woman of action! I won't hesitate to refer you to others who need house fluffing or home staging— not only to clients but to other agents as well.”
    -- Grethe Nielsen, RE/MAX Professionals Inc.

  • “Thanks to your Home Staging, our house sold after 6 days on the market, and for $40,000 over asking! It looked fabulous!”
    -- Laura Kilbourne, Toronto

  • “If you're looking to score on the real estate market, your best investment may not be a house or condo, but an hour with Debra Gould. Through her company, Six Elements Inc., she dispenses design advice to people who want their property to sell faster and for more money. The results can be stunning. One week after implementing Gould's suggestions, a couple sold their house for $12,000 over asking... With reports like these spreading through the real estate industry, it's no surprise that a growing number of home sellers are hiring Gould.”
    -- Selling Up: A home stager can help you get top dollar on your next real estate deal', by Gabrielle Bauer, Money Sense Magazine, Nov. 2003

  • “We sold the condo yesterday to the first person that saw it after you rearranged everything. After sitting on the market for 9 months without a single offer, I know your Home Staging made all the difference. Thank you for all your help. You did a great job and I would recommend you highly.”
    -- Susan Hansen, North York

  • “The Home Staging phone consultation I did with you really paid off. After implementing your house fluffing advice, we got 3 offers on our home after our first open house. We sold on our third day on the market while most homes around here take at least 6 weeks to sell.”
    -- Richard Mallinson, Stoney Creek

  • “The Riverdale house sold for $315,00! Before your suggestions it was worth $240,000 at the most! Thank you for the home staging and color advice— it really paid off!”
    -- Sue Eckersley, Re/Max Hallmark, Toronto

  • “We sold within days of our first open house for an extra $30,000 over our asking price. Thanks again for the beautiful home staging job. You did even more than we expected.”
    -- Erin Deck, Riverdale

  • “I wanted to let you know my client's house sold for $21,000 over asking within days. They were very pleased with your efforts, and as Bryan said 'She really loves her work'. I think a fresh and professional home staging eye can benefit most homes.

    I am passing your name along to another client. She put an addition on last year and needs help with decorating and colors.”
    -- Joan Watkins Bosley Real Estate

  • “The pages wouldn't be so beautiful if it weren't for your talent.”
    -- K. Cox, Senior Editor Woman's Day Specials, New York Editor's feedback to 6 pages featuring Debra Gould's art, home accessories and interior design. Debra was also the photo stylist.

  • “On behalf of the staff and crew, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to you for dedicating both time and energy from your busy schedule to share your talent and expertise with us. Your willingness to share your personal story along with your passion for your craft will go a long way to ensuring the show's continued success.”
    -- Marion Neven, Segment Producer, Sue Warden Creative Décor Creative Décor Productions Inc., Toronto

  • “Your house fluffing consultation was absolutely a great help. I only wish that we had contacted you 3-4 weeks ago, since there is so much more to do to get our house ready for sale than I realized!”
    -- Sandy Der, The Annex

  • “The best offer my clients received during 2 months on the market was $350,000.

    We called Debra Gould who spent one hour with my clients, moving furniture and telling them house fluffing touches they could do on their own. They took Debra's advice and sold in four days for $361,000. That's $11,000 more than their best previous offer!”
    -- Cristina van Blommestein, Prudential Properties Plus

  • “Debra Gould\'s truly transformative Home Staging skills changed every room in my house into a showroom using only existing furniture and accessories. Suddenly there was space and flow that didn\'t exist before. One must be prepared to do away with familiar clutter but the results are well worth the effort. We received an offer within the first 10 days.”
    -- Pauline Eng, Aurora

  • “When I called Debra Gould, my rental property had been vacant for 3 months, even though lots of people had come to see it. That\'s almost $3000 in lost income!

    Debra spent 2 hours with me and provided very specific home staging instructions that I could do on my own. I was able to complete all the work over the next two days at minimal cost.

    Within the week, I had a new tenant. What a relief— I only wish I had called Debra three months sooner and not lost all that rental income! Now I\'d like her to tackle redesigning my home office.”
    -- Cecile Barington, Beach Conceive the Possibility

  • “I can't believe it. This house has been completely transformed. Now I can advertise it as totally renovated and really increase the asking price.”
    -- Carmen Berlie, Sutton Realty, Montreal Home repainted. Lighting, furniture and art replaced. Sold in 5 days at $30,000 over original estimate— during slow month of August.

  • “Debra went through every room of our Toronto house helping us understand how they would appear to potential buyers and what was needed to make it more appealing.
    Following her instructions, we emptied out 3000 pounds of stuff, moved furniture and repainted. It looks amazing— bigger and much more sophisticated!

    Now that our home is sold, I have marveled at how liberating it was to clean out the house of all that extra clutter and freshen everything up.

    I think everyone should pretend they are selling their house, get an expert like Debra in and experience the transformation that is possible!

    Debra, you were great and I highly recommend you for not only your home staging talent, but your professionalism as well!”
    -- Anne Stone, Founder, Women In a Home Office, Calgary

  • “You kept the hassle factor at such a minimum by all your leg work. We will definitely refer you to everyone we know; you were great for us, and came through with flying colors in a real crunch. I am confident your home staging was responsible for selling the house so quickly.”
    -- Louise Summerhill, Cabbagetown Client\'s feedback to Home Staging of 12 room home; sold in 4 days, 97% of list price.

  • “Debra clearly has an eye for what can be done to quickly improve the presentation of a home. She offers practical house fluffing suggestions at very reasonable prices and gives you the option to do it yourself or have her manage the transition. In the grand scheme of selling your home, or just improving it for your own use, implementing Debra\'s advice will give you the biggest return you can get per dollar invested.”
    -- Laura Hetherington, President, Aequitas Alliance Inc., Toronto

  • “I really enjoyed your workshop, and I am so impressed with your skills. When I\'m ready to decorate or fluff my home to sell, I\'ll definitely come to you— you just edged out my previous dream team, the Designer Guys!”
    -- Judy Neal, Beach

  • “If sellers are going to wring the maximum dollar value out of their homes, they are going to have to prepare them for sale. House Fluffers make a home look as good as possible. Debra Gould, of Toronto's Six Elements, has these tips for successful house fluffing...”
    -- National Post, August 16/03 excerpt from article in Saturday Post Homes section, by Tony Wanless.

  • “I had the pleasure of being coached by Debra to home stage or house fluff my client's homes for sale. She has so many simple ways of creating a setting to attain Top Sale Price for a property. Working with Debra is an absolute pleasure! She has the ideas, creativity and professionalism to get the job done. Reliable and talented, I would encourage anyone involved in a real estate transaction to contact Debra for a consultation. You will definitely reap the rewards!”
    -- Cathy Travis Newport Realty, Victoria

  • “We depend so much on our guest to add that extra touch to each show. Your segment came off very well and I know our viewers will enjoy it. You came with everything so organized and thought out —it made everything easier. I wish you all the best with your business and once again, thanks for your creativity and your skills in front of the television camera.”
    -- Gillian Cummings, Associate Producer, Sue Warden CraftScapes Fusion Television Inc., Toronto

  • “If it is true that style reflects the person, then Debra Gould is one of the most stylish people of this era in Toronto. Her combination of marketing savvy, artistic flair and sheer energy makes every encounter one has with Debra an electrifying experience.”
    -- Laura Topalovich, Vice President, Sonic Street, Toronto

  • “You have so many ideas and you're very creative— but in an extremely practical way. With your high standards and eye for detail, it's no surprise you're so good at home staging.”
    -- Leslie Traill, Richmond Hill Meditation and Lifestyle Coach, Speaker

  • “It's incredible how visual you are! You have such an eye for detail and where to place furniture to open up a space and make a home more inviting. My other client is also very pleased with the colors you chose for her new condo.”
    -- Cristina van Blommestein, Prudential Properties Plus

  • “We truly appreciate all the great home staging advice you gave us and we implemented all of it. I will be calling you when I find my new place, to get it just right at the start— instead of when I\'m selling!”
    -- Sharilene Rowland, Scarborough

  • “Thank you for the excellent Staging Diva Program. You've provided so many ideas and strategies for the Home Staging side of our business.”
    -- Debra Garber RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, Nevada

  • “Your home staging class was incredibly informative. I appreciate you sharing your personal experiences in the house fluffing business, which will help me avoid some of the pitfalls. I would recommend anyone interested in getting into the home staging field to take your class. Thank you again and I look forward to sharing my first before and after photos with you!”
    -- Dawn Ferriera A&D Designs, Calif.

  • “I\'m so glad you came in to help me redesign my home office. I feel so much happier working in there now. It not only looks great but the new furniture arrangement works way more efficiently! The new colors you suggested for my son\'s room and the kitchen also look terrific. Thanks!”
    -- Janet Holden, Scarborough

  • “We accepted an offer from the very first person who came to see our townhouse. We were on the market for less than 2 days and sold for 99% of the asking price thanks to your home staging help. The buyer chose our unit among five others in the complex (some of which have been on the market for at least 5 weeks). I will be in touch with you again when we move to the new house (for paint colors and interior design, of course). Thanks!”
    -- Dinna de Guzman, Toronto

  • “It was a pleasure working with you. Having someone with your Home Staging skills and background helps me do what I do best and that is to list and sell.”
    -- Mark Iwashita, Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Toronto

  • “I have had a number of compliments regarding the house and how well it shows... a compliment to you for showing it in its' best light. Thank you for working so quickly and efficiently. You are definitely a woman of action! I won't hesitate to refer you to others who need house fluffing or home staging— not only to clients but to other agents as well.”
    -- Grethe Nielsen, real estate agent

  • “Thanks to your Home Staging, our house sold after 6 days on the market, and for $40,000 over asking! It looked fabulous!”
    -- Laura Kilbourne, interior designer and home seller