Tiny Dining Room Gets Color Makeover

Dining room featuring art and color by Debra GouldIt’s important that living, dining and family rooms feel warm and inviting— whether you’re trying to sell your home or decorating it to live in.

Here a tiny dining room, that was barely more than a hallway from the front of the house to the kitchen in the back was, given a dramatic face lift.

Old wood chairs were re-painted and an inexpensive wrought iron Ikea fixture is dressed up with beaded red shades.

As one might expect in a home from the early 1900s, the old plaster walls were less than smooth. To visually minimize this issue and save money, the walls were repainted and then a wash of a second deeper color mixed with glaze was added over top. This textured look gave depth to the room while making the bumpy walls no longer an issue.

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Rental furniture for home staging adds to what you currently have

When it’s time to put the house you are living in onto the real estate market, it becomes a product. Rather than suggesting all new furniture in a resale home, a good home stager will try and work with what you already have in new and better ways when staging your home.

Sometimes though, it’s necessary to bring in rental furniture to add to what you already have, or to replace furniture that’s not appropriate to the purpose of the room, or the target market of your home.

For example, I staged a million dollar home that had inexpensive Ikea furniture in the living room. I moved this down to the basement where it was more suited to a family room. Then I brought in rental furniture to stage the living room to be more in keeping with what the buyer of a million dollar property would expect.

Below is an example of combining what my client already owned with rental furniture that I brought in just before the house went on the real estate market.

Clutter and unnecessary furniture, like the bean bag chair in the center of the room, were removed from the eating area/family room in this home and rental furniture was brought in by Six Elements to create a proper eating area.

Need help with your staging or decorating project?

With a minimum two hour consultation in your home, we will tell you everything that needs to be done in your house before you put it on the real estate market (room by room and outside too). Contact us to learn more or arrange an appointment.

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Debra Gould, President Six Elements Inc.

Home staging expert Debra Gould is president of Six Elements Inc. She has staged millions of dollars worth of real estate, including seven of her own homes. Debra has gained international recognition and has been featured in major media in the US and Canada including: HGTV, CNN Money, CBC National News, CBS Radio, GlobalTV, CityTV, The Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day, Reader’s Digest and more.

Too Much Clutter Hides Room’s Purpose

family room before stagingNot everyone lives in a home the way they would like others to see it when it’s time to sell. My clients realize that in order to sell their homes more quickly and for more money they have to turn it into a product that will appeal to potential buyers.

In this house the family room had become a dumping ground for clutter that ranged from video games to kid’s toys and a myriad of family photos of all shapes and sizes crowding the fireplace mantel. Fine for living but not for selling!

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Builders and Renovators: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

bedroom after staging by Debra Gould

The house sold in days for $30,000 over asking. Three other houses on the street were available for sale before this home came on the market, and they were still for sale weeks after this one sold. Not providing the finishing touches leaves a significant amount of money on the table when it's time to sell. Everything in this photo was added during a Home Staging by Six Elements Inc.

Attention Builders, Renovators and home owners with empty rooms! Home Staging can easily increase the selling price of your empty home by $20,000 to $50,000 with minimal investment.

Decorating your house to sell, also called Home Staging, House Staging, Real Estate Staging or House Fluffing, will help you sell more quickly and as a builder or renovator, you know time is money!

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