Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Tricia Guild on Color

Tricia Guild on Color: Decoration, Furnishing, Display by Tricia Guild Paperback. ISBN: 0847818772 While Color Palettes is serene, Tricia Guild on Color is bold. Based in England, designer Tricia Guild is famous for her ability to mix color and pattern. Her company produces fabric, wallpaper and home furnishings. In 200 color photographs she inspires us […]

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Color Schemes for Every Room

Color Schemes For Every Room by Annie Sloan Paperback – 160 pages ISBN: 1571457615 In Color Schemes, author and renowned paint expert Annie Sloan presents over 30 inspiring themes and 300 color palettes, ranging form the light-filled hues of the Scandinavian landscape to the vibrant tones and rhythms of a Latin carnival and the ethereal […]

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Color Palettes: Atmospheric Interiors

Color Palettes: Atmospheric Interiors Using the Donald Kaufman Color Collection by Suzanne K. Butterfield, Donald Kaufman, Jacqueline Goewey Hardcover: 208 pages ISBN: 060960144X Filled with information that takes the mystery out of how color works in a room. Twenty six amazing interiors are shown with explanations of why each palette was chosen, and how individual […]

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